LORDE Said: “Let There Be Light”

One day y’all are going to get it [understand].

When seemingly serious, unconventional, singing newcomer Lorde sang: “that kinda lux just aint for us, we crave a different kind of buzz, let me be your ruler,” know that which she does not wish to be measured by-know that she is not concerned with the need to do to the usual selfie or snappie: purposely blur a photo (to hide the flaws), touch flaws to hide the flaws, or stand in a certain light to hide the flaws— a.k.a “filter” the flaws. Do know that if you snappie her-don’t go running home to touch up the pic on her account, she’s just fine with her flaws I’ll have you know, thank you.

This past Sunday, when Lorde saw retouched photos of her that show her free of acne, the 17 year-old Grammy winner took to Twitter pointing the seemingly flawless version of a photo of her.

In the self[ied] obsessed world we are, and live in today [especially in the world of celebrity where typically, a celebrity would just as soon be okay and would much prefer a courtesy touch up of a bad photo], Lorde stayed true to her persona’s premise and had this to say: “Two photos from today, one edited so my skin is perfect and one real. Remember flaws are OK :-)”


lorde_loll The photos were taken at Chile’s Lollapalooza festival this past weekend and showed two angles of her “fresh, smooth, face” and in the other pic-her cheeks and chin are clearly blemished (but she’s okay with that) and has already been publicly bashed about her acne and quite frankly; she’s okay with that too.

0287e02a928f11e3beaa0e9c74817846_8Just last month, rather than getting cute for Instagram to take the traditional tired, trite selfie that we all are notorious for doing; she elected to pose with acne cream on her face for her selfie and wrote: “In bed in Paris with my acne cream on.”

Especially at 17, while many are, or have been pizza faced at one time or another bashing oh Lorde, she was in Paris-and is living her dream, well…while the bashers (and their touched up Instagram selfie reel) were merely having pizza, dreaming to be where she’s at (still, while watching her).

Aye…which is worse?

*shoulder shrug* #TeamLorde

P.S. I happen to like Lorde, she’s refreshing (And she looks a lot like Amy Irving).

Don’t know who that is? Look it up. I’m a popular culture buff. I doez this. Do your homework 🙂


Source: Daily News/Chiderah Monde

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