BEN AFFLECK Finally Acknowledges “Sad Affleck”

Like we told you on our recent post including Jennifer Holliday (and about countless others): when Tori Spilling gets the word out, there’s no hiding…ya GOTTA speak up.

For a long time now, Ben Affleck has flat-out ignored the moniker and makings of the Sad Affleck meme inspired by his notorious interview with Henry Cavill.

During an interview for Batman versus Superman, the interviewer brought up the less than stellar reviews and super slams run amok [about the movie]. While Cavill kept his ‘acting cap’ and continued with unaffected improvisation at its finest, Ben couldn’t help but wear his heart on his sleeve.

The eyes had it.

And the music played.


Well just recently, the Live By Night actor sat down with at BBC Radio 1and was forced to face the music. Jokingly, as if it was no sweat on the dimple in his chin, Ben had this to say. Tap in:


On another note, I’m actually VERY surprised Live By Night didn’t come through the way I thought it would. I remember seeing the previews while on You Tube a little over a month ago and said “this is Ben’s comeback film. I’m ready for this!”

Scroll up to the OSF big screen, tap in and see if you agree.

Author: Angela Sherice

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