DONALD’s IN-NOT-Guaration: A Comprehensive List of Inauguration Dropouts + DL HUGHLEY Slams STEVE HARVEY & TRUMP While ZOE SALDANA Claims Trump Is Being Bullied

Well if there’s room for an acting category of entertainment for “president elect” Donald Trump’s inauguration, Zoe Saldana’s is in the mail.

Along with others who lift and speak of, or for The Donald in high regard, seeing as though the Avatar actress has spoken out in his defense, surely she’s in his good graces and guest list offers.

Despite the fact of the years of bullying he has subjected many in Hollywood, politics, (and beyond) to, along with many others; comedian and actor DL Hughley hasn’t forgotten:



…Hollywood actresss Zoe Saldana still feels Trump is being bullied by Hollywood, however.

Hollywood actress, singer, and director Salli Richardson basically told Zoe to kiss off:

With the exception of Toby Keith-who vehemently defends making good on his invite, interestingly, the number of inaugural of them that are being handed out, and rejected is growing fasting than the need to get rid of that primitive, pestilent Electoral College that got him here.

Just yesterday, over at our sister site, the most recent accepted invite was handed down to “And I Am Telling You (I’m Not Goin’)singer sanger Jennifer Holliday who, since (*places right hand over mouth and leans in)–Tori Spilling posted her accepting the inviteHolliday has since, rescinded and is not goin’-for real.


You gotta understand something. When ToriSpiling spills it-the word gets out and round. So surely, the LGBT and Broadway community applied full Playbill pressure on Holliday and like many: she’s out—of the lineup of performers for Trump’s ball.

Our friends at The Wrap promise to keep a comprehensive list of invites, rejects and rescinds. So stay tuned here.

Credit: Trump Inaug collage header by Eric Hernandez

ref: DL Hughley , Steve Harvey

Author: Angela Sherice