Coming SOon: AZEALIA BANKS To School Us All On The Difference Between Bleaching vs. Whitening

Guys just hang out, ‘cause shortly, there’s some humming coming at’cha.

Although Twitter put her lights out a few weeks ago, rap artist Azealia Banks has proven she won’t be silenced (and as of last week)—darkened.Azsalia Banks Instagram post on bleaching

Since her Twitter exit, Twexit the rapper’s gone through a complexion complete metamorphosis and has been the subject of scrutiny (given her notorious pro black rants and having become infamous for having called out several other rappers and artists for succumbing to the perils and pressures of music industry life and making a living “white” way-a gripe she’d become known for about as much as she’d be known for equating her creative growth being stunted-all praises damning due to having dark skin.

Needless to say, being lighter skinned ruled and although she catching it over the in her Instagram world with echos still running up and down Twitter lines, at this point right now, being dark skin has set adrift a memory bliss as she’s living in bliss itself.

Although she’s [at the point of no return?], she does however, want to scale back a sec and give us all a lesson in semantics-one of those “crack” versus “crack-ish,” and ‘pregnant’ v. ‘kinda pregnant’ explanations on the “huge” differences between skin lighting and skin bleaching stating:

“I’m working on a huge article about skin lightening. Including the differences between skin bleaching and skin lightening. Skin whitening and skin brightening. All four of these things are different.”

Despite the fact that it’s no secret that Banks clearly bought a jar of “Whitenicious” skin cream-clear ‘cross the Internet versus having gotten a ‘professional skin lightening/whitening/bleaching/brightening (if there is such a thing) she obviously feels she can educate us all.

You know, at this point, she pretty much should leave it alone-the semantics soliloquy and all. Because unless she’s sending us a reaction video (like when when people first see, or hear for the first time), she should just fall back with the essay.



But I’d KILL to see her reaction video of when she went from dark skin to—lightened/whitened/bleached/brightened skin (whichever she tells us when she drops this essay). Until then, we’re just gonna file this under OSF’s “Faux Pas” category (and just let these stills of hers serve as the reaction video):

Azealia Banks light skin dark skin


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