7 Whole Years: Remembering Who’s Loving The King of Pop – MICHAEL JACKSON

Music is the one thing in life where you connect some of your fondest (or most heartbreaking) moments in life. And for me, (despite their dissention) two in music not only had the strangest ironies between them, but one-I’m born 3 7’s from and the other, died around my born day (not to mention Lady in my Life the last song playing in my car when I pulled up to learning my mother was dead).

June is both bittersweet for me and many people all over the world: The death of Michael Jackson.

The Farewell my Summer Love’s death is a lot like the death of JFK: You know exactly where you were and what you were doing when you heard the news.

Like me-working at a bank, many of you were at work, too (like me): Sitting all corporate duties aside with the computer turned to ongoing breaking news streaming online everywhere: The King of Pop Michael Jackson has died.

Surely, (like me) every authority over you that came near or around your cubicle to in awe of how boldly you stopped working to absorb the news was met like Mister by Sofia and her sisters (like around the 39:15-39:17 minute marker of this video).

Surely (like me) you turned to each one-swatting them all off, confrontationally pronounciating the words: “Whhhhhhhhhat?…” down to every syllable and letter with that special emphasis on the ‘W’ and the ‘h’ and snapping the ‘t.’

“Michael Jackson has died and you will deal”

…was all we could gesture in our body languages, while any work that had to be done for the rest of the day had to take that reincheck that had nothing on the rain falling down many a faces.

That was me.

That was you.

For me though, I basically showed up on day 2-June 26-like…index finger up, eyes swollen like “Do not eff with me today. I’m here! I showed up! On time! That’s it!” (mind you-I was a temp).

Oh sh|t got real, and I remember my brazenness and my heartbreak all too well.

Fast forward, here we are, 7 years later.

You know,


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