ARIES – The 1st Sign of the Zodiac


Symbol: The noble looking ram who samples all things around him. He is brave because he knows not of danger ahead of him-he has to experience it for himself, yet and still, he will come back around to test the waters-regardless the outcome of the first test.

Aries Qualities, Positive and Negative Traits

House & Motto: “I am” therefore I am: environmental experiences, the physical self and personality. I am personal interests, ego and structure of the physical self/physical body. I am the stage where the character mask is worn. I am firstborn and my approach to the world is like that of an infant. “I am” because I am all that I am aware of-which, like an infant, is why I am selfish by nature.

My house is FIRST & because I am first, everything is about Me! Me!

Element: Fire is light and heat and is in a class by itself (not a gas, a liquid or a solid). It is Combustive-seen and felt. Even alone, fire is violent and acts with great physical force. It reacts with even greater force at interaction with it, and fights wildly so that it may not be put out. It creates action in hopes of getting a reaction due to its inner motivations. It is passionate and immoderate-showing or resulting from strong feeling. It is furious, extreme and intense-tending to distort the meaning of whatever interacts with it. It is excited, agitated, energetic, assertive, dynamic, enthusiastic, idealistic, self-projecting, and always looking for challenges-thus taking action for the benefit of itself.

Fire is the will and the spirit within the individual that motivates them to aggressive action.

It is a physical element that is responsive through action and inspiration.

Planets: MarsINITIATIVE, COURAGE, PERSONAL DRIVE, ENERGY, PASSION, AGGRESSION and EGO PROJECTION-motivation, physical energy and stamina, boldness, freedom-loving, pioneering, tenacious, warrior ways, fighter, fearless, independent, competitive, initiative, drive, passion, aggressive, irate, exhibits action and directness in approach, able to lead, authoritative, tough, violent, harsh, strong leader especially in crisis, desires, angers, has courage, is egocentric, arrogant, materialistic, flamboyant, excitable, crusader, a positive & lively response to all situations. Temperamental, reckless, sexually irresponsible, foolhardy, wantonly destructive, impulsive, accident-prone, sensation-seeking, self-indulgent, lacks forethought, selfish, quarrelsome, overhasty & boisterous also:


Plight: “Masculine”: proactive and provoking, aggressive and active, electric, spontaneous and self-expressive.

Energy: Dynamic energy is direct, rather than waiting for things to come to it. It faces the world boldly and defiantly. It is dominant, aggressive, extroverted, assertive, and confrontational.

Quality: Optimistic, idealistic, positive and sanguine in nature, confident, footloose and fancy-free, light-hearted, cheerful, forward-looking, progressive, affirmative, cooperative, effective, impractical, constructive, useful, helpful, serviceable, applicable, beneficial, gainful, good, salutatory, contributory, hopeful.

Disposition: Typically, odd numbered signs are extroverts. They tend to focus their energies on things in and of the world outside themselves-they thrive on and require energy from it while they contribute to it. Extroverts like action and are usually verbally expressive and a very sociable people. They are most often vociferous, forward, and extrospective. They like parties and are open and easy to make friends. Extroverts much prefer to be active, active in that-they naturally prefer to experience the world by being active in it. They need excitement and love the hustle and bustle. They are risk-takers who tend to be impulsive-usually neglecting (or refusing) to plan ahead. They are quick to answer, easy-going and carefree with everyday matters in life. Extroverts prefer working in groups because they need to have people to talk to, and for that reason-they do not like to do any kind of concentrated efforts alone. They prefer a more unsystematic and spontaneous way of life.

Instinct: Subjective (feelers) are receptive to the subject rather than the object. They form opinions first, based on how they feel about an object and then they observe (think) about the object-later. They react on what they feel rather than what they think, as “feeling” is priority over thinking-to them. They do not process objective thinking with ease, therefore it is easy for them to cope with feeling and emotion rather than thought and deliberation.

Aries feels directly and overwhelmingly through provoking action to get a reaction from their surroundings.

Dark Side: selfish ego, competitive, foolhardy, hot-headed, uncontrollable, self-centered, opinionated, accident-prone, self-gratifying, always putting himself first and wants everything now, quick tempered and impatient, impulsive in action with no regard for consequences, pugnacious, a satirist, thoughtless, aggressive, feisty, restless, inconsiderate, demanding and exhausting.

Light Side: enthusiastic, adventuresome, positive, enterprising, courageousness, bold, highly energetic, has an adventurous spirit, fervent, initiatory, spontaneous, direct in his approach, impulsive, instigating, lives in the mind, freedom loving, hates restriction, free-spirited, has a heart-tugging innocence, possesses blind faith, raw courage, assertive, innovative, optimistic, enterprising, self-motivated, lively, & outgoing and excitable.

Virtue: Energy & passion

Vice: Selfishness ego

Nature: Initiating



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