Almost Doesn’t Count: Singer BRANDY’s Engagement to Fiance RYAN PRESS Called Off

“Almost Doesn’t Count” was a major hit by singer Brandy that somehow, is proving to be a case of art imitating life for the superstar.

If you remember back around 2002 when singer Brandy was preggers with her cutie Sy’rai, it was reported that she was also married to her producer Robert Smith-whom she fondly referred to as “Bert.” (Bert, is also the brother of music producing phenom: Rodney Jerkins).

Brandy_and RobertSmith Back around that time, The Brandy Machine pulled out all the stops during her pregnancy-even to the tune of her having this big extravagant baby shower fit for a queen. The couple even went as far as to act as husband and wife on her MTV reality series called “Brandy: A Special Delivery,” which documented the birth of their daughter and the goings on leading up to/just after.

Fast forward (three years later):

BrandyPreggers Although one is never “almost pregnant,” one can be almost married. And while Brandy indeed was pregnant (by Smith), she was not married-just…“almost” perhaps.

Whatever happened between the two of them (that caused the demise of the relationship) was whatever it was…but “Bert” began to make his rounds on radio stations and letting it be known that he and Brandy, 24 at the time; were never married and that the whole “pretending to be married” thing was too preserve her image.

mgid-uma-content-mtv He rocked with it for a while but let the cat out the bag-later. Brandy did asserted she and Robert did have a real relationship [with all the bells, whistles, and trimmings] they just didn’t legally marry-their union was “spiritual.”

 brandystinkface But whatever possessed him to turn devil be so “TeamHim” both hurt and shocked Brandy who asserted that he wasn’t thinking about his own daughter or her when he did this-all he was thinking about was trying to promote his artists [that he was managing/producing].

Smith did fess up in a statement by saying” (quote):

syrai_brandy “My comments were in no way made to take away any responsibility from Sy’rai emotionally or financially. And in no way am I an irresponsible father. I have recently been granted joint custody of Sy’rai. When breaking off relationships it’s always difficult, and I prefer not to air our dirty laundry through the media. I was just stating the truth. Brandy and I have many things to work out over a long period of time, and will hopefully head in a more positive direction.”

Fast forward some more.

th (8) Not to be outdone by his mature fess-up, the “Brokenhearted” singer did some fessing up herself-in the most surprising, atypical way (that most celebrities would rather die and just keep spinning that do): She told the whole truth about why she lied about being married. She expressed that for such a long time, the “Brandy” the world knew had become this staple and post-child for being sort of the designated role model of all young girls. (That Brandy Machine had to get on it-about her image). She didn’t want it to be known that she mothered a child out of wedlock so, they patched up this…wedded wife “life”—[to preserve the “Brandy” brand-so as to not be under so much scrutiny and scorn from her fans].

thea brandy  moesha imagesbrnd   

 th (13) Brandi kept it movin.’

Brandy All grown up now, and nearly a decade later, life has gone on for the 35 year-old songbird.

  th (23) th (24) th (25) She became engaged to her music exec beau, Ryan Press (who proposed to her in December 2012). All had been well in almost-married bliss until just recently when Brandy announced that her engagement to Press was called off.



 brandy-norwood (1) Just last weekend the singer-actress won for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for show (which airs on BET). When she accepted, she of course thanked God and her fans, however-she left out her manager (slash) fiancé [Ryan].

That really sent eyebrows-a-raising.

brandy-norwood  This time around however, Brandy Norwood is all grown up with nothing more to prove to the world, so if you’re hanging out waiting on the G’s behind the who, what, when’s where’s and WHY…don’t think you’re getting that from Brandy this time around, she’s not having it-not playing that game this time. 

While the rumor mill has been a-buzzing, Norwood asserts that she wishes to maintain as much semblance of privacy as her public will respect her enough to give her during this time.

During the Essence Black Women in Hollywood luncheon (just yesterday), the “Almost Doesn’t Count” singer only had this to offer:

th (15) Brandy says the pair are still on good terms and Press is still her manager.

th (18) Meanwhile though, the Best Supporting Actress award-winner is busy preparing for upcoming season of “The Game,” which debuts on March 4th at 10p on BET.

We at Other Side of the Fame salute Brandy and wish her well going forward. For, at the end of the day, when all is said and done; keeping it pushing forward almost always counts.

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