JADA PINKETT-SMITH’s Weight Gain Has Her Hoping She Can Get into Her Oscar Dress This Coming Sunday

jada_bikini-thanksgiving-weekend   Our girl Jada may have been winter time fine this past November (around Thanksgiving 2013) frolicking on the beach bikini-clad.

We blogged and captured the moment and I’ll have you know something: On the side left panel of our blog, two of the system-generated areas that are controlled by our site visitors:

TOP 10 SITE VISITOR CLICKS (system generated, changes all day, determined by who’s clicking what-the most)


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jada-pinkett-smith-bikini_ …and at any given time of the day-at least once a day-that very blog of Jada frolicking on beach has been most-viewed. It’s uncanny! I run the site and when I’m out/busy, I tend to stop by and see who’s been viewed the most for the hour and I don’t think a full day has gone by that-that one with Jada isn’t in there at SOME point in the day!

I be-like like: “Why do they click on this blog so much?” I mean, I know she looks good and all, but the irony is: “It’s an old blog! But that sucker STAYS in the lineup. Although the most-viewed choices switch up all day everyday, I don’t think a full 24 hours has gone by since I posted that blog with her frolicking on the beach, it hasn’t shown up as most viewed—even if for the hour.

I promise you this! It’s crazy!

At any rate.

133122-original A few days ago, we posted a pic of she, husband Will and daughter Willow out and about few days ago and Jada’s in looking a lil’ thick in that pic that even her friends and family around her noticed that she is picking up a few of those “winter time fine” pounds. But Jada’s not sweating it. She likes it. And quite frankly-so do we!

BfaTnqrCQAEuEur Although we’ve always known Jada for having the slim-petite 5′ frame she’s always had, and although “thick” may be a fad for now; we don’t just go wheely-neely calling out the pounds put on our famees-[assuming it would be taken as a compliment because “thick” is “in”]…so I just posted the pic for my site visitors viewing pleasureeeeee.  I mean, since we’re on the subject-I saw boobage and everything. And her face has filled out. But I didn’t write it in the blog. I just posted it and kept it movin.’ LoL.

119324-original  Well, Jada Pinkett herself went on and commented on the pink elephant in the room and posted that same pic on her Facebook in celebration of her fuller figure says our source.  

She noted: “My girlfriend sent me this pic, and I could clearly see the weight I’ve gained which is about…8-10 pounds. I think I will keep it. I like being a lil…fuller;) Let’s just hope it will fit in The Oscars dress. Here’s to loving our bodies by our own standards:)

Happy Monday!

Source: Wonderwall

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