Making Strides: AFRO-LATINOS/LATINAS Officially Recognized By MEXICAN Government + SAUDI Women Vote For First Time Today

In case you didn’t know, strides, old traditions and ways of life that for far too long-oppressed women (and men) cross-cultures are being broken and finally recognized as we speak.

Saudi Arabian women are enjoying and taking advantage of their right to vote for the very first time,  Mexico’s government is recognizing the 1.38 million Afro-Mexicans’ Afro-ancestry as very much apart of Mexico that by and large throughout the culture (for far too long) had not.



Since the Mexican Revolution of 1910, despite Mexico being home to a diverse population, census bureaus have unapologetically excluded documentation of African lineage.

“Mestizaje” (the term that for 95 years had been used to identify Mexico to acknowledge colonizer’s interracial descendants) had long disregarded the role of African Slaves in as being a part of Mexican ancestry.


With anti-discrimination and affirmative action policies, some countries tried to fight anti-black racism (by which Latin American slavery and colonization are linked) so by denying that its black population even existed, it counted them out in the censuses in the same way that structural racism is practiced in Latin American countries.

For more than 15 years, Afro-Mexican activists have fought to be recognized as Mexican in the Mexican constitution, according to

The fight has been won and new strides have been made!

On December 8, pro-black/Mexican activist group Mexico Negro, successfully won Afro-Mexicans’ inclusion to the national census.


It was founded in the national survey that 1.2% of Mexicans’ 1.38 million people were of African descent, according to Quartz.

This is quite the victoriously historical moment toward equality for Afro-Mexicans in Mexico as, they can finally identify themselves correctly in census reports.




The strongly conservative gender segregated country of Saudi Arabia made strides today as women headed to the polls to vote and too, for (or even against) female candidates on the ballots. That’s practically having killed two stones with one bird!

In January, Saudi’s King Abdullah died, but not without having granted women the right to vote in

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