ADRIEN BRONER Apologizes to ROC NATION’s JAY Z + Rapper FABOLOUS: No Apologies


AdrienObviously an apology is an order when you video tape a vulgar rant that made you look like you were on bath salts and still-by end tape-left your viewers with questions like: “but why though?”


download (12)When someone offers you a chance to get on board a thriving team of management in which [even one of the top dogs and Don King’s of the industry thought it be a strategic move to join forces with a rapper-turned business man]— Do it. Get down or lay down. Especially considering the fact that Roc Nation‘s brand name has expanded from fashion to management and gone on to secure heavyweights in music, the football, basketball, and 20 + in boxing under its managing umbrella]. That’s a fight you can’t win-so because you can’t beat’em: Join ’em.


…[especially when] your individual net-worth is a reported $3 million and you’re offered $40 (million)—what would possess someone to find bigger value in looking bada$$ for talking bada$$ by turning down a mogul’s biga$$ offer-further adding insult to foolery by making a video tape filled with expletives about having done so–as if 15 minutes of Internet attention is redeemable at any bank. Turning down such offer that even if truly uninterested, silence as well, would’ve sufficed. 

Think about it. What’s the value in: “Adrien Broner told that m/f to kiss his a$$! 

Adrien2At any rate.

A couple days and a good, clean shave later, after finding that the night’s festivities, celebration, and business as usual (complete with 20+ happy, paid fighters now on the roster) Broner came to his senses. With the help and rationale of somebody skilled at securing his boxing coins: Mr. Money himself, Floyd Mayweather (who I am more than sure gave Broner that A & B conversation) had a pow-wow that made Broner stick and move a lot differently–and a better mouth guard.





roc-nation-boxingThe top of a new week is here and Adrien Broner did do the right thing: apologized for dissing Roc Nation’s Jay Z for saying he-Jay Z-could [quote]:

“suck my d|(k with an elephant tongue” [unquote]

(and as well—throwing Roc Nation’s singer Rihanna into the ring–stating even she could do nothing for him but through him the “ …y”

What in the vile Sam Hell…?


Well Broner owned up to his media mess AND by way of the same method he made the mess:

On video tape-to TMZ Sports (who you know had no problem throwing it back out to the world).

Adrien offered quite the humble apology and by end-apology, offered:

“I just wanna say: I’m wrong to the public. I’m sorry. And if Jay…wanna talk to me…you know…you can get in touch with me and holler at me and we’ll talk about it.”

What say you, guys?

My Word Worth a Billion Bucks and a Thousand Pictures:

I say: call a truce. Apology accept. Because he didn’t whisper, text, Facebook message, Tweet, or bump into Jay to offer his apology. He was big enough man to put himself out there humble…………………………….by way of the routes and methods he put himself out there foolishly. That, my friend, is sufficiently sincere enough to be granted permission to be on the Roc roster! Jay. We know you love Other Side of the Fame, what say you? Roc on.



Fabolous-Roc-Nation-Sports-Presents-Throne-EE-vfrRBRrnlWelp. In doing just that.

Although some crapped on him, another person apart of Roc Nation’s big night this weekend makes NO apology about how he chose to ball out while making his grand entrance to, and while performing at Roc Nation’s shin dig: rapper Fabolous.

Here of late, Fabolous has been all about the Chinchilla’s, and not even a hot, sweaty room with men about to hit the ring was gonna stop him from balling and being the king and main event at Roc Nation’s first Sports Throne event singing his hits :Lituation” and “Hot n|&&a”.

Check him out y’all:


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