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About Last Night: Comedian MIKE EPPS Caught Out There By His Wife – Creeping In Woman’s Mentions Requesting DM

It was no laughing matter when comedian Mike Epps got caught out there trying to slip up in some social…

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{Lost Files} Audition Footage of MARLON WAYANS (Co-Starring MIKE EPPS) in RICHARD PRYOR Biopic: Who’d Be Best? NICK CANNON, EPPS, or WAYANS?

For a long time now, rumors about just who would be playing the late, legendary comedian Richard Pryor in a…

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Not Laughing at His Pain: Comedian KEVIN HART Called Out for Homophobic Tweets Shortly After Being Called to Host The Golden Globes

I knew this photo of Whoopi Goldberg floating around this week would soon have a whole new meaning: “TakeMe. I’m…