Not Laughing at His Pain: Comedian KEVIN HART Called Out for Homophobic Tweets Shortly After Being Called to Host The Golden Globes

I knew this photo of Whoopi Goldberg floating around this week would soon have a whole new meaning: “TakeMe. I’m open and available!”

A lot can change in 24 hours time. Just ask the Laugh at my Pain actor-comedian Kevin Hart.

Just as he proudly accepted and announced that he was overjoyed about such a “gig” the jig was up: The Internets came swarming. And It was found that Kevin Hart’s social past was heartless.

Tweets were found that were blatantly homophobic and offensive to the LGBTQ community.

Fast forward. A new marriage, successful career a few years later; Kevin Hart became a changed man yet, those tweets remained—and came back to haunt the well-known comedian.

Although after Kevin’s apology validating the authenticity of the tweets and explaining himself, GLAAD president was very accepting of it and suggest that the show [should] go on (with Kevin Hart hosting).

Kevin however, though it best that he step down-so as to thwart the unnecessary attention that he knows all too well will be swarming he and he tweets, rather than the award celebration and its nominees.

Let’s see what’s been written up about it + news about nom nods for this year’s Golden Globe’s while we’re at it (next post, though):


Author: Angela Sherice