115339-original Farrah Abraham’s decision to do porns [and just recently]: thumb her nose at her “haters” for hating on her success (and for becoming famous for being famous well over being a teen mom) is getting her kicked off the couch and banned from joining in their reindeer games [for the upcoming MTV/VH1 Teen Mom’s reunion].

72764-original The Teen Moms cast has given MTV producers a diaper demand: Fire Farrah, or else [we won’t be doing the reunion].

103544-original MTV recently re-launched a sleuth of catch up specials of the controversial series in which they re-aired some of their most unforgettable mommies: Amber Portwood, 23, Catelynn Lowell, 22, and Farrah Abraham, 22, in an effort to bring the series back (so says an insider).

Unfortunately, MTV’s plans to do a reunion have been pooped on because Portwood, Lowell, and Maci Bookout (another Teen Mom whose Epi ran last summer) are demanding Abraham not be apart of the show because—(and I quote): “They don’t want their kids on a show where someone’s talking about sex toys,” (unquote).

(Oh…I forgot to mention in my write up yesterday that Farrah had been expanding her brand to selling sex toys-rather than a line of baby rattlers-which too, has been a subject up for much debate and one that even talk show host Bethenny had a problem with, when she invited Farrah on the show late last year).

111015-original 110415-original Farrah might be “famous” as she states in her new video, however, her fame may not be the showstopper she thinks it is. According to sources, MTV is taking the other girl’s request serious and are considering dropping Farrah from the reunion.

However, sources say that Abraham is unaffected by her peers’ demands and asserted: “I have my own life.”

Since her days on the popular teen mom show, things have gone onward and upward in Farrah’s eyes. She moved on over to doing another reality show on VH1 called “Couples Therapy,” ‘starring’ alongside the like of defunct, publicly emasculated defunct dad Jon Gosseling (Jon and Kate Plus 8) and “Beverly Hills Housewives” star: Taylor Armstrong.

Perhaps Farrah didn’t intend to talk about her new sex toy line at the reunion, I mean after all, her hot new video and song, “Blowin’ ” is just hot off the press a mere 3 days now and she is seriously considering (and working towards) a “successful” career in music.

We’ll see.

And Other Side of the Fame will let you know how, or if, this situation gets pacified (or no).

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