NAOMI CAMPBELL Covers SHAPE MAGAZINE in One Piece That Can Make a Woman in Two Piece Think Twice

 slide_227574_999286_free  Known for her signature walk that, over the years has been tragically imitated but never successfully imitated, the five-foot ten British heart-shaped lipped long and lean beauty whose currently is mentor and executive producer of Oxygen’s “The Face,” slide_227574_999242_free Naomi Campbell will gracing the next new cover of Shape Magazine (on stands March 24) dressed in a one-piece that could certainly make a girl think twice and second guess herself in a two piece.

 In the magazine she discusses her slim body secrets, struggles, and success and as we all know, even beauties like her have faced their challenges and attempted road blocks and she expressed: “But I learned if you don’t accept no for an answer, you often get a yes.”

naomi2In the article she attributes her ever-so-slim physique to clean eating (which includes hot water and lemon plus, intense yoga, vegetable juices, herbal tea, and salads with fish or steak). Campbell says she has a devout exercise routine and diet however, while she does juice, she does not deprive herself:  “I don’t believe in starving myself. I’ve never done it, and I never will. I’m even more active when I’m juicing, doing both yoga and Pilates every day.”

Like the rest of us, she isn’t perfect, and her routines do not come without some guilty pleasures and other things she consciously tries to give up (forever).

Guilty Pleasure: An England chocolate bar called Galaxy-admits she can’t give it up (at least she’s honest).

Guilty Displeasure: Cigarettes-her decades long addiction to smoking.

People told me that cigarettes are harder to quit than alcohol. I didn’t believe it, but you know what? It is harder.”

slide_227574_999278_free In Shape, Naomi says she practices yoga for at least an hour most days during the week but when she finds herself overcome with work and can’t get it all in; she has a 10-minute routine and other favorite exercises-along with simple beauty advice.

In the meantime, it’s Throwback Thursday and I’m going to let you watch it and weep. What? (Say you):

What else?

I’m excited. This it one of my many Michael FAVS. And Naomi had ME sprung in this! Sex–xxxxxxxxxxy. Nothing compares.

That girl stretching those legs across that desert and around Michael Jackson even had him caught between the hinges!

P.s. Can’t front on Michael dancing in that doorrrrrrrrrr *sucks teeth* You even had to have a certain male physique to pull that dance and give that silhouette off and Michael DID the blessed thing! ART!!

Michael snaps his fingers and dances in this video something SERIOUS. I used to be OBSESSED with this video!


Enjoy 🙂

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