$88M Powerball Winner MARIE HOLMES Summoned To Court For Threatening/Harassing After Girl Exposes Her Online + Why People Do Things Like Such To People Like Such


With a warrant out on her issued just hours ago, not to be outdone by whomever the lucky winner of tonight’s Powerball is, winner of the 1.88 million dollar Powerball (around this same time last year-2015: Marie Holmes, 26), is certainly adding to her year long losing streak over the past 365 days.



The former Walmart employee and single of mother of four children (whose youngest baby-daddy: Lamarr Andre McDow a.k.a “Hot Sauce”-residing as Holmes’ active ‘fiancé’) has been bailed out of wectv6-screenshotjail for a 3rd time over the past year on felon possession of firearms charges and other drug related charges; setting the net $88 million dollar winner back at total of $11/12 million dollars in bail lamarr-andre-mcdowmonies as a result.

After a visit to her home in search of her roommate, a small amount of marijuana was recovered along with other drug paraphernalia and Marie, herself, was charged with drug possession (of “a small amount” marijuana) just this past July 2015.



Typically and usually, lotto winners have statistically been white and/or retired or middle aged with grandkids. Thus far, the 26 year-old mom of four small children (all under the age

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