Dollars and Suits: Lawsuit Filed To Get “IN GOD WE TRUST” Removed From Money

download (1)With common biblical phrases like: “a fool and his money shall soon part,” and sayings that go “money is the root of all evil,” would you be opposed to removing “In God We Trust” from money?

Most probably, your immediate answer was (“no I wouldn’t be opposed”) but would you still be okay with removing “In God We Trust” if an Atheist shared that same interest—in removing “In God We Trust” from the oh mighty dollar?

Politically speaking, in fifth grade social studies; pretty much all of us studied differentiating church v. state and still, with our little right hands placed upon our chests, proceeded to chant “…under God, indivisible [with liberty and justice for all]” at pretty much every school auditorium gathering (at least we did-at a creative and performing arts school) Did you?

751221191_6ecc7cc59b_o-448x336If you, like me, know a few conspiracy theorists in your life; then you know they can give you some deep doctrine and philosophy behind the Latin language and eye sitting atop the pyramid on back of the dollar along with various other hidden messages behind the symbolism and words inscribed throughout the front and back of money.

Well outside of ‘money being the root of all evil’ and ‘fools and their money soon seeing parting’ the bottom line is, whether you are Atheist or not, money is the way of life (for all), and the way “to life” (for those with an abundance of it).

That said, to some, removing “In God We Trust” from such an object of both peril and pleasure can be seen as a blessing for some and a curse for others.

But where constitutional laws in separating the business of religion (church) from the business of the law (state), as money is the object by which business transactions are dependent (and still-even passed around in church plates); even if you aren’t an Atheist and instead, believe in God, do you somehow feel that removing “In God We Trust” from this object of both peril and pleasure will somehow get the dollar to you in ways better than has been kept from you (while

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