AARON CARTER Twitter Bullied For Announcing DONALD TRUMP Endorsement –Pending LGBT Stance


Aaron's Twitter bully statement 3Twitter and 28 year-old pop star Aaron Carter just can’t get right.

Aaron Carter endorses TrumpAs if it wasn’t enough [that] Aaron’s New Year got off to a bad start when he left an ATM receipt behind (that landed in the hands of a fair weather fan-alleging he was all but $399 som’n odd dollars rich), he’s found himself caught up into yet, another Twitter fan fight.

The So Yesterday ex boyfriend of another Hilary (Duff) announced (on Twitter) his endorsement of Donald Trump—just yesterday and all hell broke lose.

After responding to a tweet posted by Donald where he pumps his self-funded political paper and prowess as affording him the ability to not be a puppet politician, that was just the golden ticket to light Aaron’s fire:

“I am self-funding my campaign and am therefore not controlled by the lobbyists and special interests like lightweight [Marco] Rubio orTed Cruz! -Trump

“Does America want to have a president who FOLLOWS or someone who leads? I vote for @realdonaldtrump?” -Aaaron



Obviously fans weren’t too happy with Carter but before he wound up into another extended Twitter fan tirade turned meltdown almost like this one.



Defiant, Carter he expressed his right to express his political views without being bullied or the fear of losing fans:






People can relax now.




Carter’s renege on support of Donald will come at the moment he is surprised by the fact that Donald has a Gemini/dual natured “complicated”  relationship of support for the LGBT community where on one end he’s said to be “pro gay” (yet opposes marriage equality).


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