#SCPrimary Secured by CLINTON : #WhichHillary ? 2016 #ImWithHer Heavily Understated Given Her Big Win

You know, it’s a law of power that you should conceal your intentions—specifically if the result of that intention is to garner a particular reaction or response. Low and behold once you (literally) tell people what you want, or what you think of yourself, and too, expect them to do the same (unless you’re Jesus), that never works. You will be met with resistance-that’s just the nature [of people who shouldn’t be in receipt of] what too; can be shown (therefore-not denied).


I assure you, had Yeezus not told us + made a full mini movie about how great thou art are some six years ago, in 2016 (with perception no longer being up for debate for being reality or not), given perception being the reality like such today, his reality perception of himself being the genius he told us he was long ago, would certainly be 2016s reality-uncontested.

Just asked Bernie Sanders.

Unfortunately Sanders sorta got Rachel Dolezal’d today: Despite all his good intentions for the people and sharing the same plight and fights; not even dinners with Sharpton, legalizing the puffing of ganja…



12-erica-garner-bernie-sanders.w529.h352-180x130…or getting life breathed into him via the endorsement of Eric Garner’s daughter was enough to secure solidarity with the sect enough to win the South Carolina primary today-the one place where he as expected to be held high.



Hillary Clinton however, came, she saw, she hugged, she triumphed and clawed-right to the top (despite how


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