’50’ Puts His Name to Use Declaring He’s ‘0’: Files Bankruptcy On RICK ROSS Baby’s Mother Punitive Damages Sex Tape Suit – Claims He Has $50 Mill in Assets (and $50 Mill in Liabilities) =$0

Judgment day came in the case of Rick Ross’ baby’s mother having sued rapper 50 Cent for leaking an explicit tape of her on the Internet during his Internet character-show back while he and Rick Ross were involved in a notorious rap feud.

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In an effort to embarrass Ross, 50 rounded up a one of Ross’ baby’s mothers who agreed to sit with and hang out with 50 and pretty much disparage the person behind the stage name “Rick Ross.”


Having successfully done that, followed by pics being taken with the baby’s mom and their (she and Rick Ross’ son), it was just Rick Ross’ other baby’s mother’s luck that the man she claimed to love so much (in the explicit video with her), had turned the tape over to someone who got it in the hands of 50.


Much to her chagrin, embarrassment (and eventual unemployment), the woman suffered damages in her personal life which trickled down to her inability to remain gainfully employed and able to care for her self and family.

As a result, last week, the 21 Questions rapper was ordered to pay to woman (whose name is Lastonia Leviston by the way) $5 million dollars for defamation of character.

That’s $2.5 million for distress and $2.5 million in damages.

As well however, punitive damages could be awarded to Leviston during the penalty phase of the case (which would solely be based on 50’s new worth).

Uh oh.


But not so fast because 50’s team is working over time devising a plan of counterattack on it all.

Remember that cockamaimy story I wrote up about this that seemed like a dream sequence of some suspense movie where at the 11th hour, he successfully thwarted the woman’s court case and suit against him by having bankruptcy papers filed and shown as proof of him being “functionally broke/”

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Well something like that did happen this time: for real (since Leviston’s) July 13 win on his order of pay [the $5 million].


50 Filed bankruptcy as he was ordered to check in those


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