Wimbledon Champions SERENA WILLIAMS & NOVAK DJOKOVIC Dance As Djokovic Insists the Ban on the Old Tradition Dance Be Lifted

Serena-the belle of the Wimbledon Ball-got her dance on!

If you read already, the Wimbledon tradition of the male winner and the female winner coming together for a dance at the ball after their feats had been banned, now you know (for sure) rules are made to be broken.

Male Wimbledon champion Novak Djokovic (having defeated the greatness Roger Federer and claiming the title for the third time) staked a different kind of claim: He insisted the banned be lifted as, according to him, the last time male-female Wimbledon champions had danced was in 1986.


Dressed in their formal attire and much to the delight of the crowd, Djokovic and Williams cut the rug to disco era super group Bee Gees’ Saturday Night Fever-a hit song off the soundtrack and movie baring the same name that starred John Travolta.


Tap in below for the cuteness:


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