JADEN SMITH’s New Girlfriend SARAH SNYDER Charged With Grand Larceny For Stealing $15, 995 Hermès Bag


Jaden Smith may have not have been black boy bad-boy enough for Kylie Jenner who, [although is around the same age as Jaden but was ready to shake her pants before he was ready to shake his batman suits and skateboard-simple life]



….his heart still went on and since then, the (now 17 year-old) had publicly dated and had been connected to Amandla Stenberg and Mecca Kelani.


Still, Jaden obviously has a thing for the bad girls.



However, his new girlfriend, 19 year-old Sarah Snyder, is bad on a “HollyHOOD” rather than “Hollywood” level as, she is facing some pretty stiff

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