turned into an overprotective lioness of her cubs (Kelly and Jack). As they grew into the world she realized she couldn’t protect them from the world (like all moms try and think they can). While conceding, she watched them battle and win the fight with drugs and alcohol and through that, she realized she didn’t have to hold on so tight-they were stronger in the world than she realized. Osbourne explains that being a mom has always been more important than industry success.

LESSON HERE:  That while working your hardest to have a handle on the things and people you love-trying to protect and shield it, or them from world harm; sometimes you have to take a step back and re-evaluate what you’ve been in the routine of doing (loving) and how you’ve been moving. Because sometimes you will have found that the blossoming has already begun. And your job is done already.

Melissa Etheridge:

…explains how being a mom just happened. It wasn’t necessarily in her plans but it has turned out to be the most rewarding thing for her: being able to share her life and watch her children grow-all the while still doing what she loves. Through that, she encourages her kids to see her life (in doing what she loves) as a reminder for them-to do whatever it is in life, they love, too.

LESSON HERE:  Flow. That sometimes, the most unexpected circumstances and situations are presented to our lives and sometimes we feel a burden or change as a result. But then there are times when the flow is what it’s meant to be and our life flow goes uninterrupted. It is sometimes through that-we can become that very same example to people in our lives: Through our own mottos, mantras and moves, you should/can do the same thing and I’m no more inconvenienced or interrupted than you aren’t. “This could work.”

Ivana Trump:

…mothers children with Donald Trump-which means those kids were born into privilege. That very well could mean they really could be out in the world terrorizing and poisoning popular culture with presumptuousness: being pioneers of pretentiousness and all things something for nothing-leading through empty inspiration and fruitless aspirations-a-plenty.

Instead, the Trump children took by horns, a life (although they were born into) made their own way in business. Although it can very well be said “hell, they had rich parents-they could afford to move right into their dreams the same day they dreamt the dream.” To that I say, as well however, they could be those same privileged children born into wealth doing nothing but all things self-serving: flaunting their wealth and inspiring many along the way into superficial realities that quite frankly, aren’t real (for their fan’s own realities).

I liked + chose her letter because she acknowledges that her kids grew up with privilege but were taught to be grounded. Her kids are adults now and there is proof in the fact of that matter: They are business men and women, not just socialites playing around on the Internet flaunting their wealth and privilege to a world of people who that, unless they do real things and work real hard (like the “privileged” Trump kids did), no success they achieve will be lasting and substantial. Even through privilege, they built their kids from the ground up rather than sitting them on top of the world and letting them fly out in it-doing nothing but being heirs of privilege. I respect that and liked her letter. Her children are living proof of what she says in her letter. So I believe her (and respect those values still instilled in her children–because they can literally afford to not value anything).

LESSON HERE: It just goes to show that there are still people of privilege that make the decision to do other things beside live off of privilege and take the means that they have and build from that as, there are many people of the world who can only sit still and wish and dream. Ivana and her children can afford to sit still and do nothing but gleam-and show off for the world. But they work for it, still. I love her letter.

Tina Knowles-Lawson:

I chose Tina Knowles Lawson because although she is “Beyonce’s mom’s” still, she is a separate entity and woman on own [until recently re-married] to someone other than Beyonce’s dad (who we were all introduced when Beyonce was introduced to the world).

When I read her open letter, I was really touched by it because it sounded like a scared woman learning life and love all over again-whose now brave and ready for life and love all over again (thanks to four women-who although only given birth to two-she considers all to be her daughters) and helped her be brave, confident and courageous all over again.

Having gone through a public, divorce that went such that as a woman, you think you were evolving while building with a man; you find out the only one evolving and growing was you…and in my opinion has to be the most traumatic, worst, most possible thing (in “love”) a woman can experience—at a such time in life, in front of the world because of having a famous daughter.

An experience like such is private, heartbreaking, and typically doesn’t end too well for

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