ADAM LEVINE Bombed with Sugar While Signing Autographs After Singing “Sugar” At JIMMY KIMMEL SHOW


Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine just recently had a scare (while on stage) performing when he got quite the surprise as he turned around-only to be greeted by an overzealous female fan–coming to get herself some sugar from the handsome lad.

At some point during his song, she made her way onto the stage and proceeded to hug and tug at him while he calmly [talked her calm for long enough] until she was escorted off the stage.

This time however, the handsome Sugar singer and NBC The Voice judgmentor was met by a different kind of overzealous fan: one who kept it festive—his leaving the Jimmy  Kimmel Show performing his new hit song: Sugar.


“Your sugar. Yes, please. Won’t you come and put it down on me?” 

And just like that…in true spirit of the moment, the fan brought that sugar-and thought it’d be great to make that sugar fly [in lieu or in place of screaming for the superstar?]

Out of nowhere (on the video) Adam is seen [rockstar clean], fresh haircut, and dressed to the 9s: Complete a white t-shirt underneath a rockstar sparkly jean jacket (now) covered in white powdered sugar!

Although the pictures could give you quite the giggles…


…the actual footage is all but-at all. The fan was tackled to the ground. That’s all we know as of right now.


If you’re curious about the artist atop the OSF Big screen, it’s Sheena Easton. I love her! She’s one of my top music collection faves in my 80s shuffle. Bad girl she is! In addition to her Prince duet “You’ve Got the Look” (of course, removed from free listening courtesy of Prince himself), here are a few of my other all-time faves by her.

WARNING: (If you hear someone yelling “Amen! Tell ’em Sheena” after every line of the first verse in “Strut,” don’t be alarmed, it’s probably just me 🙂  And too, in “You Could Have Been With Me” when you hear that same “Amen” when she sings:

You can tell him the date of departure…exACTLY the place and the time… He might really wanna be there but…he misses EVERYtime… Is he a man or a paper-tiger? When you need him will he run or stand beside ya?

…”AMEN! Let ’em know Sheena!” That’sssssss me too.

Basically…  all these songs have me singing and screaming: “Amen Sheena!” (throughout). I LOVE her …and these 3 songs of hers-obsessively. Pardon my emotion. Enjoy. Rock with me 🙂 ).



You Could Have Been With Me


Almost Over You

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