Forget the letter to your younger self-it is what it was.

It was because our younger selves (then), like most younger selves (now) needed every triumph and peril.

So no matter how “deep” or profound it sounds to ask: “what would you say to your younger self”—the fact of the matter is: You have to meet people where they are at. Ask any younger self (now) and too, reflect back to your own younger self-then: Nothing could really be said, all had to be experienced-while bumping our heads.

That being said, I say (to myself about my younger self): Since I lived long enough to be asked to write a letter to my younger self, my only advice would be:

“You keep living and loving. And through both-you will collect joy and you will collection pain. But my hope is that by the time you are old enough to understand these words, nothing that you’ve experienced has made you stop wanting to live or loving to love. That’s all I can hope for and ask. So keep growing and keep going—and meet me here: where we now…are at.”

In spirit of Mother’s Day, Time Magazine did a kind of same difference: Asked [famous] mothers of children to write an open [to their children].

Mom’s like Sharon Osborne, Tina Knowles, Ivana Trump, Victoria Beckham, Melissa Etheridge and more penned letters. Here is why I chose [said named] ones:


Victoria Beckham:

Burberry "London In Los Angeles" Event- Inside

Her letter talks about the importance of teaching her kids humility. Coming from someone who [along with her famous, hot, soccer player husband David] is often photographed-the fact of the matter is: We happen to know they are famous. But even as famous as each are—they don’t incessantly play into their hoopla and fame. So when she says it’s important to teach her kids humility-a clear and present example is seen in how she (and her husband) live their famous lives: Only as aloud as people are making them-not them living it loudly.

I love the Beckhams.

And this letter of Victoria’s-I really believe it.

There was this video about a month ago where their son Brooklyn thought he was Instagram mackin.’ He did a video on his mum’s birthday where he interjected he now has a million followers. David (his rich, famous, soccer playing dad) overheard him and video bombed him by shouting: “And I’ve got 52.” (So in other words: I’m worth more and am more famous than you and got 52 followers to the 1 million you’re bragging about. Think about that). There’s proof they don’t court and play into their fame and attention.

People coddle around people who court fame and attention-but not necessarily because they love them, but because [and/or] too, it does something for them [and/or] helps them fill some void in living fantasizingly through them. The Beckhams are aware of that and obviously pace their “fame.”

At any rate, check out this video bomb. It’s quick, humble and hilarious!


David Beckham drives a hard bargain. He works hard to make their kids know that they have to work for what they want.

I tell you, I believe Victoria’s letter and felt it was worth sharing.

LESSON HERE: It’s obvious they are intent on raising humble, rather than spoiled, entitled kids. It almost seem like they are obsessed with reminding them of lessons in humility. And while they have children that are of our Information Age and can’t help but be participants in our way of life, David and Victoria make sure that while they are Instagram mackin’ whatever it is you brag about next, going forward and in the future-you will have worked for it. Brag about that! It’s worth it and means more. I can appreciate and respect that in the Beckhams. Bend it like the Beckhams!


Sharon Osbourne:

…(in all her bold, Brit charm) talks about how her fears of being a mom plagued her at first because her rock star husband (Ozzy Osbourne) had already been a father. But for her, being a mother, she (at first) was afraid: a babe in the woods who

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