{Sweet November} SOLANGE KNOWLES To Marry This Weekend, KELLY ROWLAND Gives Birth to TITAN


kelly-rowland-birthday-solange-beyonce-The Knowles sisters (Beyonce, Solange……and Kelly) have had one blissful week, I must say. So much sweet, and good news that we don’t know where to start first!

Kelly had her baby boy–rambunctiously named: ‘Titan’-perfectly falling right in line with all the celebrity (verb-ish) names being born to all these beautiful nouns of moms throughout Tinseltown over the years who all (collectively) just one day decided Madison, Josh, Amy etc. just won’t cut the mustard anymore.

Via her social media page (November 6), Beyonce posted an awesome Anne Geddes-like pic with the caption:

“There’s no better feeling than holding my beautiful nephew. I thank god for the honor of witnessing my sisters journey into motherhood. I’ve always dreamt of our little ones growing up together. I’m so thankful for our bond. Baby Ty, I love you so much. Congrats to my Spoons”

10735089_284263501764373_1886911903_n…and as well, just before the birth of the new baby boy, shared an adorable pic of Kelly preggers and ready, simply captioning it:



Tim Witherspoon, the child’s father, is photo’d here holding their bundle of joy:

KellyRowlandsbabys father_tim_with_babyTitan

Kelly however, did what she does best in celebrating her special moment: Sang a welcoming lullabye for the little Titan:

But the Knowles’ rhyme (and fairytale) aint done.

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According to sources, this weekend, Beyonce and her sister Solange will have much-to-bounce about in New Orleans!

Reportedly, Solange is set to marry her long time boyfriend 51 year-old video music director Alan Ferguson, in New Orleans this weekend where it is being reported that the nuptials are to be exchanged on Sunday (November 16) after having an intimate weekend of movies and family bonding.Solange-and-Alan-Ferguson-lhand in marriage

This will be Solange’s second marriage after having divorced Daniel Smith (her son Jules’ father) in 2007.

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This will be Solange’s second marriage after having divorced Daniel Smith (her son Jules’ father) in 2007.

Alan Ferguson has been in a family way for quite some time now.

He directed Jay Z’s Feelin’ It video (1996), Beyonce’s Party video (2011) + her Dance for You video (2012).

It very well could be kismet that the two met!


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