JAMIE DORNAN in Fifty Shades of Lay: The GQ Photo Spread of “CHRISTIAN GREY”

Unless you live under a rock, you already got the bad the news about our guy Christian [of Fifty Shades of Grey].

Oh, you haven’t heard? Ok, I’ll share: No full frontal nudity in the movie.

Hmm. Sounds like an oxymoron given the anticipation of a wildly erotic movie (to match the scenes in the book from which it was adapted)-especially considering the fact that any and all sensuality, mystery, lure, and sex is centered around power, and taboo sexual acts of the dominant/submission, discipline/bondage, sadist/masochistic kind.

“There were contracts in place that said that viewers wouldn’t be seeing my, um …”

…expressed the actor (whose real name is Jamie Dornan).

images (2)It seems unfair, given the nature of the [dominant] acts seemingly like violence against women.

Dornan, a feminist himself, explains:

“I think it’s very hard to argue that when it is all consensual.Half the book is about making contracts-permission and agreement that this be done. There’s no rape, no forced sexual situations.”

Although from the buzz and sounds of things, from the outside looking in, things may seem hot and sexy and may very well turn us (the audience) on, but Dornan says the scenes were quite unsexy as a matter of fact.

Oh…the magic of television.

It’s almost like the preparation during a cooking show and then voilia! Out of the oven comes the finished product; the half hour didn’t allow the in-between yet, the end result is all that matters, right?

1386600245_dakota-johnson-jamie-dornan-lg article-2710574-202021D200000578-985_634x938“Anyone who thinks actors get turned on doing sex scenes in films is mistaken,” said [the married with children] Dornan, who reassures us that his wife knows it was a just a ‘job.’

Dornan goes on to explain: “There are dozens of hairy men standing around, moving cables and lighting equipment. That’s not sexy unless you’re into being watched, which I’m not.”


Well although (considering having taken in all that)  Dornan may have killed a lot of fantasies, I’m here to keep you excited!

Shot before being cast as “Christian Grey,” Jamie did a GQ spread which included models Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Kate Bosworth.

Have at Dornan’s sexy, erotic, GQ spread that (although too, was probably shot “with dozens of hairy men standing around, moving cables and lighting equipment,”) the end result is…….SCRUMPTIOUS!

Bone appetite…

Oh…the magic.

Let the objectification begin:

Boy doesn’t he have some pretty (lickable) legs?….






Here are the other more tamed/non-sensual photos from the spread:

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Since there’s no “full frontal nudity” that’s going to be going down in the movie, I figured I’d just sit this freebie right here for the ladies:


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