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Beyonce and Jay Z are back to business and on the scene in the best way since their summer tour and Paris vacay.

In addition to being spotted around New York city, Jay Z pulling a surprise performance with Jeezy

bey and blue halloween eve2014…(while Bey and Blue watched from behind stage),

Beyonce, Jay Z, and Blue Ivy spend Halloween night out at Charlie Bird in NYC with a front row view of the NYC Halloween Parade(and Bey Z doing the grown folks’ Halloween), the couple was spotted out yet again (in New York) yesterday:

…As well, they were spotted today having a little rest and recreation:

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Getting it all in before the frenzy perhaps?

There have been whispers of Beyonce possibly having a (top secret) new album in the works that reportedly is screaming: TRUE.

Last December’s spontaneous midnight hour drop of her self-titled album was much, much to major to repeat.

So this time, whispers leaked [of supposed tracklist] that’s to contain songs from her original self-titled album (Beyonce) but as well, will include songs featuring Justin Timberlake (who, himself, released a two-part album The 20/20 Experience + The 20/20 Experience Part. 2 of 2 within one year-as Beyonce is doing for us)-her [“part 2] is to be titled Beyonce Vol. 2 (slated for a November 14 release date).

In addition to Justin; Nicki Minaj, and Rihanna are slated to appear on Beyonce’s new CD.

Now if you remember, we just reported to you a couple months ago, that there was some buzz going around that Rihanna and Beyonce were going to be working on a song together. From the looks of things, that may very well be true!

It is still rumored that Rihanna, too, will be releasing new music on November 24.

As well, Nicki Minaj was originally scheduled to drop her greatly anticipated album on November 24 which she pushed back to December 4 [where sure, just to get out of the way of this Rih’onyce frenzy].

beyonce amazon uk november 24

This new Beyonce is going to a four-disc set (currently on sale for preorder at which will include): *mimick my Oprah “you get a car voice”*


  • Bonus/never heard before songs!
  • a DVD with approximately 28 whole videos!
  • [and if you missed the “Mrs. Carter World Tour”-that she did solo, just before her “On the Run” tour with Jay Z]…you’re in for a treat: that DVD will be included!
  • also…………………the “On the Run” DVD will be included!

 Your snapshot of it all:

    • “Beyonce, The Complete Edition + Volume 2” will go on sale November 14 in iTunes (which includes 11 new tracks, which include features with Nicki, Justin, and Rihanna).
    • The four-disc physical edition will be in stores November 25 (which will feature the Mrs. Carter and On the Run tour DVDs).



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