BEY Z Busy Taking On Manhattan While Mother of Mathew Knowles’ 4 Year-Old Hopes BEY Will Take To Meeting Her Sister


While the domestic woes and hopes of a meeting between Beyonce and her 4-year old baby sister are kept alive, Beyonce is busy in New York City doing everything but checking up on that.

Just this past Monday, Bey Z were spotted at the private VIP screening of firm friend and chum Broke Back Mountain’s Jake Gyllenhaal’s new movie “Nightcrawler.”

On Wednesday, the couple, just off vacation in Paris after a long running summer tour, enjoyed the movie’s premier night among many of Tinseltown’s finest. Jay Z dress down in jeans and Timberlands while Beyonce slipped into a casual white, striped, flowing jumpsuit with a seated pant and thin-heeled clog sandals.

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Thursday night, Beyonce took the town solo, wearing a grey, leather, peep-thigh skirt with a simple, multi colored long-sleeved stylish blouse, multicolor Dior satchel clutch, and an ankle-length bootie pump.

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downloadMeanwhile, back home in the Texas town Beyonce is from, the woman [we reported as having had an affair + child fathered by Beyonce’s dad Mathew Knowles] has resurfaced-this time, with pics of her daughter looking every bit like her sister Kelly Rowland.


taq2According to the woman (TaQuoya Branscomb-a lingerie model) who did an interview with Inside Edition, said that the little girl (whose name is Koi Mychael Knowles) has a passion for singing and dancing like her sisters, and hopefully one day it can be arranged that Beyonce would meet her.

An Instagram page for little Koi is already set up and mom’s got it all mapped out (as per her bio): “Koi Mychael Knowles 4 year old child model and actress…”

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taqoya-branscomb_2754.424-300x220 Paternity has already been established, and Branscomb asserts she was surprised at having gotten pregnant considering the fact that Mathew Knowles told her that he had a vasectomy.

Although the lure of Knowles name and six degrees of separation may be something exciting I guess, the fact of the matter is, Beyonce’s professional relationship with her dad was severed years ago. What, if any, personal relationship they had is assumed to be non existent.

Alexsandra-Wright-7On the other side of all this, Mathew Knowles also fathered a boy child (Nixon Wright-Knowles), now five years-old, with a woman Alexandra Wright.

According to Wright-who too, talked to Inside Edition as years of staying silent, says Mathew does not show any interest in being in the child’s life. Unlike Branscomb, who is preparing her child for stardom and hopes for/leaves the door open for Beyonce, Alexandra doesn’t necessarily feel Beyonce has anything to do with Mathew’s mess. And rather than making plans and preparing little Nixon for superstardom, as you can see (end tape), she opens a book for him to read instead.

And well, that’s it for this story.


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