Like Rockers Like Daughters: ZOE KRAVITZ & MILEY CYRUS Crotch-Grabbing for the ‘Gram


10727263_665128863602084_1412940723_nThey have an excuse, alright? Both their dads are rockers.

Billie Ray Cyrus’ Miley Cyrus and Lenny Kravitz’s Zoe Kravitz are caught crotch grabbing but…for good reason I hear, so don’t get your panties all in a bunch about it.

In spirit (and success) of the Ice Bucket Challenge I’m guessing there will be a lot of campaigns to raise awareness (or money) for more serious issues by doing less than serious things.

In spirit and support of the Feeling Nuts campaign to encourage men to be aware of their testicle health (to help avoid cancer), Cyrus and Kravitz are simulating clutching (actual) nuts as a…reminder.

Although in support of the same campaign, model Cara Delevingne offered “Little problem…I don’t have any balls,” so, here’s her rendition of a reminder already:

nick jonasObviously, a campaign like such can spin into one setting himself up for something he least expected. Take Nick Jonas for instance, who, just recently posed [not exactly clutching his nuts but, his actual penis]. Well, considering the Feeling Nuts campaign, that was quite the catalyst and segue to spin this sensationalistic thing into something entirely different.

During an interview Sugarscape (obviously) used Nick Jonas’ putting himself out there (by grabbing his crotch/penis for a photo shoot) as the perfect reason to coerce him into a game of “Guess the Bulge.”



Although Nick looked hella uncomfortable (in the You Tube reel you’re about to see), he mustn’t forget, after photos of him at the gay club dancing hit the Internet and in turn, he sent out that great, grand tweet stating “I Love My Gay Fans,” a game of “Guess the Bulge” being asked of you to play, if even by a man, is all fair game.

Be careful what you ask for, solicit, do in the moment of emotion and euphoria, (or promoting)…because you just might get it: brought to you.

Check Nick out. He’s mad uncomfortable with guessing bulges, man:

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