…With So Much Drama With The I-G-G It’s Kinda Hard Being SNOOP D-O Double G


…but he…somehow some way keep-comin’ up with funky @$$ sh!t like every single day.



Kick a lil’ somethin’?


For the G’s.


Make a Few Ends?


..102414-iggy-azalea-launch-3.says Iggy Azalea (in so many words).

Although the bridge over troubled waters came in the form of T.I. [who facilitated an apology from Snoop to Iggy] for his foul-mouthed expletives and the way he behaved and treated the Aussie rapper (and apology was accepted), that didn’t mean the two rappers would ride off into the sunset as friends anytime soon.

Our friends over at TerMiteZ caught up with Iggy at LAX yesterday and asked her if anytime soon, now that the wrangle was settled, would there be any chance the two would collaborate on anything anytime sooner or later.

Check out Iggy’s reply by pressing play.

Oh…by the way…and press play up top: (in the expletives words of Snoop): “G’s up h03z down while you muthaf^(kas bounce to this.”


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