VH1 Airs Roc Doc ‘ATL: The Untold Story Of Atlanta’s Rise in the Rap Game’

ATL VH1 ROC DOC OTHER SIDE OF THE FAMELast night was pretty special and monumental for VH1 not only for VH1 taking some time out of honor their reality, humble beginning and original meaning of their moniker “Video Hits”[1]; but last night was special because they stuck to the music and gave the fans something that was a long time coming: a peek into the origin of the ATL music scene. For the first time on the appropriate platform, they were able to tell their story about having come from the bottom of the map–how they had to have their voice found and heard [having been dominated by the usual suspects: east, then west coast rap/music].

Even as far back as (my era can recollect) Kriss Kross (1990), for nearly a century now, the Atlanta rap music scene has been making hits that still, somehow despite the success, would somehow find its way back shuffled to the back of the deck [when up against/next to/shoulder to shoulder/toe to toe- or whatever you want to call it]-the east and west coast rap.

LUDACRIS_ATL OTHER SIDE OF THE FAMEProduced by Atlanta rapper-actor Chris Bridges (a.k.a Ludacris) the 90-minute Roc Doc premiered on VH1 last night, and featured some of ATL’s biggest stars telling their stories about how the south’s (collectively) influenced the world and ATL exclusively.

Additionally, the rockumentary tells of how SoSo Def mogul (Jermaine Dupri) and LaFace Records’ (L.A Reid and Babyface) managed to shine the spotlight on the city through the artists the housed and skills they honed, (like that of Outkast, TLC, Usher, and others).

Given credit [and considered] being Atlanta’s first rapper, “Mojo” was interviewed, MC Shy D (popular in the 1980s) and those we automatically think of in connection with ATL rap: [the surviving member of] Kriss Kross, Outkast, Arrested Development, Goodie Mob, Killer Mike were also interviewed.

As well, the rockumentary does a good job of learning the origins of the crunk scene by which rapper’s Lil’ Jon is thought to be the force behind and too, the origin of the trap music scene thought to be spearheaded by rapper T.I.

Anyone who fancies themselves rap buffs of all regions and too, has a special place in their hearts for Atlanta hip-hop will

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