NICK CANNON’s Massive 19-Tweet Tirade

images (14)Other Side of the Fame already broke the news to you about Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon having been separated since around June. As well, there were some pretty disparaging remarks made by Nick’s dad that dropped jaws of many in his audience on social media because they “seemed” like indirect statements about superstar Mariah Carey and his son/her husband: Nick Cannon [and the state of their marriage].images (13)With a legal muzzle having been put on Nick’s mouth at the time, his dad’s remarks gave way to a lot of speculation that the remarks were indeed Mariah-centered.

Although Nick’s dad deleted some of his remarks, he vehemently denied they were at all about Carey.

For the record, Mariah, who never says anything outside of her love for Christmas and Valentines Day, #DemBabies (her term of endearment for the love of her two children), or small talk about whatever product or album she is promoting; she’s never been one for using Twitter as a sounding board-or to address any rumors or speculation [even throughout all that’s been made messy, public, and speculated].

twitter nick cannonWell today, according to our “sources”  …Nick has broken his silence and wanted to give the world a piece of his mind.

In this day and age, when you have a legal “gag order” ya’ gotta be real specific…’cause fingers aint ‘gag’ unless you stick one in your mouth. So…here we go:

(I’m a full-service blog mag. So ahead of time you can either go’on and hit that “play” button while you read all this

…you can read it in silence, or you may decide to hit the button midways—I don’t know, but here’s what Nick had to

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