Tyres_TarajiHollywood actors Taraji P. Henson and Tyrese have very humble beginnings and footplol condomrints from years ago-when the two played [boyfriend-girlfriend] “Yvette” and “Jody”-a young couple and parents to a son they shared in John Singleton’s classic, timeless film called Baby Boy.

Both actors hadn’t rested since:

Tyrese had gone on to a successful R&B (solo and group) music career + acting and starring in the Fast and Furious franchise—Henson, in countless television syndicated and cable prime time television and blockbuster movies up to and including No Good Deed [late 2014] co-starring hunk, actor Idris Elba.


TarajiPHenson_TerrenceHoward_EmpireCurrently, Taraji is co-starring in another yet, widely popular [Fox] prime-time television hit Empire where, (along with Terrence Howard……….another male co-star/love interest from one of her other hit classic movies “Hustle & Flow”) she plays ex-wife in the powerful hip-hop drama.

Taraji P. must have whip appeal and that extra special something that keeps her male co-stars coming back, huh?

I know, right!

She’s even got Tyrese penning love letters!

B7LguWlCMAAAwM-Earlier today the handsome lad penned a letter to Taraji wishing her all the best on the wildly successful show that, in only its second epi having running so far (just last night), is already the talk Tinseltown and beyond!

He writes:

We started our journey together – I got my ears to the streets – she’s winning…. She’s being celebrated in a new capacity, and there’s no one in the WORLD more proud..’


Tyrese, “The Vision Implementer” (known for making vlogs and never holding back his thoughts on pretty much anything that comes to mind) had this tidbit he wanted to interject as well, (adding):


“It’s good to see GOOD people who haven’t slept around to get there MAKE IT in this town called Hollywood…. If you ladies need someone to look up to……. Single mother from DC college graduate paid her dues did it the RIGHT WAY….. Now she’s killin…..”

He ended with:


“Shout out to my better half… My ride or die…:: Oscar nominated @TarajiPHenson aka Yvette make sure y’all tune in on Wednesday to watch her new #1 show #EMPIRE my proudest post of #2015′.




The TGT (Tyrese, Ginuwine, Tank) group member is currently working on his Atlantic Records solo release called Black Rose : a 146 song/34 days Universe Double album, book + 1 hour documentary—all coming