MCDONALDS’ Mac Sauce Now Sold in a Bottle + Your Order is FREE!


You asked for it-Love in a Bottle:mac sauce in a bottle

Although the:

  • -two all-beef patties
  • -lettuce
  • -pickle
  • -onions


  • -sesame seed bun is sold separately

…you can get you Mac Sauce bottled up to ride off with you from the drive thrus at McDonalds now.

That’s right.

Somebody at McDonald’s offices was smart-and finally got the notion to bottle up their famous sauce which now-is in motion and ready to ride off with you, to your home, to put on your shelves (in fancy, smancy packaging I might add):Mcdonalds mac sauce


Additionally, having begun February 2, McDonalds is spreading more than just their special sauce: They’re spreading love (through February 14).

Hopefully you’ve been more than kind to your local McDonalds server because he or she just may give you your order without charge as, they are randomly selecting customers to either talk about someone they love, or to show, or pay forward-an act of love right there on the spot, and viola! Your order’s free!

Scroll atop the OSF big screen so they can show you how it’s done!


Oops. Forgot to mention:

Bring about $18k  with you for that special sauce.

(never your worry though…through February 14, your entire order may be free) 

Have it your way 🙂

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