R. KELLY Tape Soon to be Released


As with Ne-Yo and She Knows


…Usher and his I Don’t Mind


…just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse than another one of the last of the R & B Kings succumbing to the change in times’ strip club/trap music (in exchange for real R& B), r kelly…when I heard Kels caught a savage beat down from the streets; I could have sworn that dreaded Happy Birthday contraption he put out last week was the reason why.


Turns out, the R & B crooner’s body was calling out to some Gulfport, Mississippi goons who gave him a “12 Play” he wouldn’t forget.

Reportedly, the talented singer was paid to perform a show at a venue there, and reneged-pocketing the money.


Despite the social media gossip about it-all this is hearsay as of right now.

R Kelly screenshot


Obviously a rumor like such, is going to be made real with (reportedly) the reel of the beat down making its way to the Internet (soon-for all the world to see) if he doesn’t fork over the cash.

Ok. Well.

There goes that on that if that interests you.


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