Is CHRIS BROWN The Proud Father of a 9 Month-Old Baby Girl? Sources Say: Yes

ChrisBrownMight his latest effort be the case of art imitating life-whereby any other name just wouldn’t be the same (or be as sweet)?

Well if reports are true then the “Fan of a Fan” R&B heart throb Chris Brown, 25, has got something having brought to life even sweeter: A nine month old baby girl who we are told is mothered by a 31 year-old fan *yawn* ‘model’ who goes by the name of Nia that’s known Chris for several years now.

According to sources close to Chris and the woman, the parents are on co-parenting civilized terms and this isn’t the typical baby-mama drama scenario and case on its way around the corner following this news gone public.

It was just on a radio interview a week or so ago-where Brown was asked about marriage and children (if he ever wanted to have them) he replied:


See I…see I can deal with babies /  I’m cool with having a baby.


The marriage thing…I’m not cool with giving you half of what I’ve earned all my life.


I’m cool with two. One is fine…if it’s a boy on the first try: BANG!-I’m cool with that.



Say hello to Chris’s bouncing baby girl who he went half on and as of right now is nameless and baby-mama faceless. But if these reports are true, the fact of the matter is: SHE (a baby girl)…is here.

Guess he’ll be taking his wanker back to the drawing board to “bang!” shoot for that boy.

Watch out now Karrueche!



So much for wishful thinking. According to Karrueche’s tweet this morning,


…she won’t be around to give him that baby boy.