Rapper DRAKE Perched and Parlayed in Perth With His New Honey While Having Stung THE BEATLES

DrakeAndBoo1Considering rapper Drake’s massive success and romantic + musical feats since officially hitting the scene in 2009, if you’re still carrying a torch for, and hooked, lined, and sink crushing on Drake in 2015; hey…not that it’s “weird” it’s just…a tiny-bit weird…just a lil bit—LoL2…………..and shows you having paid enough attention to the heights he’s reached—well higher than the poles he’s had quite the reputation from his pick of the litter from.


LoL…So if that be you girlfriend, and you aint over Drake yet: turn your head because photos of the man perched and parlaying down under just hit the net after celebrating his having started from the bottom and reaching beating Beatles’ level chart success [with his honey].

Let the man enjoy himself already!

Reportedly, the Canadian-bred rapper topped a record previously held by the Beatles-boasting a total of 14 songs that simultaneously made the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart as did the Beatles in 1964!

(Anywho, in case you didn’t turn that head yet do so now-see’em and weep):


Calm down ladies, there’s still hope. You may not be “here” with the hot lad like his lady is-but the rapper stays true to his lyrics: He humbly starts from the bottom.


Sources say she’s gorgeous, New York bartender and Puerto Rican model: Bernice Burgos, 34, and the two have known one another for quite some time now.


Burgos even appeared in one of his earlier videos along with rapper Rick Ross: Diced Pineapples and with J. Cole in his Work Out video.

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