BEYONCE Thwarts Doubt That She ‘Gave Birth’ Early-In, UC Berkeley Deletes Alt-Right Speaker MILO She Pregnancy+ MIKE PENCE Turns Black History Month Over To Abe Lincoln, Honestly

Education, privilege, preference, and prestige-along with all sense, sensibility and astuteness-went totally out into the windows surrounding the campus of UC Berkeley where conservative online blog site and “alt-right (Breitbart)’s right hand man Milo Yiannopulos was penciled in to speak. That plan got deleted before quick got ready, however.

As oxymoronic as it sounds [the gay, republican]
annoyed himself right into a major book deal where (obviously) part of that deal includes making rounds ‘round towns to speaking engagements. Turns out however, Wednesday’s shin dig was canceled when student marched in protest that turned unexpectedly violent of Berkeley caliber students.

(Surely when the fires die down and the ashes are blowing in the streets, we’re bound to hear that not one Berkeley student was involved in these acts)….

In the meantime, head on over to our sister site to get the deets on all that happened in those UC Berkeley campus streets.

Also over at our sis: As February starts and the light to Black History Month is cut on, #BlackTwitter wasn’t too pleased with Donald Trump’s right hand man Mike Pence handing over a kinda “whitesplained” rendition of what “Black History month meant to him: by putting the spotlight on ‘Abraham Lincoln for freeing slaves’ –as if slavery was the only association to Black history over other forms of black greatness’ contributions and connections to this country. Innocently, ignorantly or intentionally, this faux pas only proved that when it comes to actual ‘Black History,” Pence is as green as grass and white as his hair.

Fresh off the heels of Trump’s omission of mentioning [the victims of The Holocaust]: “Jews,” in his Holocaust Day remembrance speech, here we are a week later (via tweet), the vice president’s tweet was nothing less than virtuous and [a] vice in deed. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, perhaps in all his whiteness, lack of knowledge, care, concern and limited understanding of Black greatness and contributions to this country he may have meant well, but this certainly proves it don’t get no whiter than this:

Of all people, it took a white woman [ironically named] Carrie “Coon” to send him a friendly reminder:


Check out the deets and articles about it here.

Moving along, like Beyonce, who was “far along” before she told the world:



Not to be out shined by music producer (Pharrell)’s baby news that our sister site dropped early yesterday’s midnight morning, hours later, Beyonce did what she does quite well in the wee hours of the morning: drop things-unexpectedly. Rather than dropping a new album this time around, the singing powerhouse pressed pause on that while hanging back waiting to receive the fruits of her labor for last year’s Lemonade-airing February 12, nominated for several Grammy Awards.

With the pregnancy, THIS time around, Beyonce is meeting y’all a the door!

Sitting in a makeshift garden positioned, cuffing a good and couple months gestated bundleS of greatness on route, Mrs. Carter dropped a picture of herself-with childREN: twins!



THIS time around, the singer will NOT be the subject of her hater’s scorn, suspicion, and speculation that she would be so vain as to wheel in some woman to bare a child for she and Jay Z.


THIS time, Bey met nay-sayers head on-putting all on notice by baring all.

The Carter’s have been layin’ low here of late so now we know what happened when (like Beyonce sang) “we woke up this morning in the kitchen saying ‘how the hell did this sh|t happen oh baby.’” Well. One’s on the way without a… “reasonable doubt,” indeed.

Make sure to tune in to those stories along with another about a group of vigilantes who are acting as Trump’s “wall” in human form.

Unsupported and given the good graces of U.S Border Patrol, the chain gang sits border of Mexico-U.S line by taking the law into their own hands-acting as gate guards by taking extreme measures to keep wall hoppers out.


Tune in to that story and more! at our sister site



You know when the OSFMag brands OtherSideoftheFame and our sister site post up, the word goes out.

Since cc’d our sister site on this blog post we dropped this morning, Vice President Mike Pence made it clear that he is in the know about African American’s contributions to this country this #BlackHistoryMonth. He corrected it, and we owe it to him to let the record state that as well: