YEEZUS Walks: KANYE Readies His AdidasOriginals and the Countdown is On! 00:00:05:04:06:28:93

Though shall not covet another man’s wife but God didn’t say you couldn’t walk in his shoes.

JeeryLorenzo wears Kanyes New shoe

That’s right.

Jesus Walks’ own Yeezus (a.k.a Kanye West) is preparing to get you to the closest thing to walking on water by way of his new Adidas Originals-currently in the last preparing stages before being kicked over to you!


The countdown is on, Click and watch them work (and to stay afoot on the moments notice they’ll be available)


So while you can’t have Kim, you can have them (that man’s shoes):



They’re actually nice!

I reviewed ’em last night before preparing to write ’em up and I’m glad I didn’t drop the write it up last night. Because I love them today. Sneaker enough for jeans or sweats, but dressy enough for (leather pants like Kanye’s) or slacks. Nice. And DEFINITELY original!

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