No More Excuses For Not Getting It In: Cups To Make Your Plain Ole Water Auto-Flavored? Can This Work? Why and How!


We all know the importance of staying hydrated and despite the fluidity that our favorite drink beverage provides for us but no matter how much seek or substitute denying it, our temples need pure, unadulterated, filtered, unapologetic, sought to [be] duplicated, forever imitated, mass saturated but still…never actually duplicated: flat, thin, clear and see-though plain ole water.

The Right Cup IndiegogoWe all know that to stay hydrated the proper amount of per day glasses is 8 per day and with all our other distractions and conveniences making their ways to our hands and mouths, often times (until we are officially dehydrated and don’t know it and actually thirsting and chasing a cold glass of water), many of us never get 8 glasses in like such because unless we physically feel we need it, despite the fact that we know we need it, we typically don’t want it unless it is dominated by something else that makes us want to drink water.

Well say no more, a new flavor cup is on its way to the market and will come with a variety if flavors to “trick” your brain into thinking it is drinking flavored water. This could work as, our sense of smell (sight, touch and sound, too) does tell our brain what to think and feel and (us-our minds) takes it from there so I guess our mouths may very well be on to something with this!

Although currently only a prototype and not yet out on the market, the mixed berry, orange, apple, and lemon-lime flavored cups are slated to be shipped to the market around April 2016!

Although it’s not specified how long each individual flavored cup will last, this could be a game changer for those who want to get more water in their diets.

glitter gold starIf you know and have followed me online over the years, you know that I innovate (unfunded) technologies and products as well and over the years of designing, I must say-this product gets my thumbs up!

What more does it need though: To be built for more than that kiddie looking cup. I would now be concentrating on that–more sophisticated cups–perhaps cups with handles, canteen cups and a glasses (out the outside) but the same plastic, patented flavor on the inside as, knowing how the science behind how these things work, I’m sure the flavor couldn’t be held and contained in traditional glass.

FURTHERMORE: He’s going to need coffee aroma, caramel aroma, chocolate aroma and other beverage and food aromas that please the senses and makes us wanna sip and devour…

Other than that, as a fellow innovator, I support, approve, and am looking forward to this! Great idea!

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