Woman’s Weave Holds Recorder Catching Doctor Dissing Her + Doctor Sued & Other Cases Of Under Anesthesia Physical Abuse & Why You Need To Be Careful- Even Under A Doctor’s “Care”

making killing treating hundreds of patients for Doctors and anesthesia‘preventative’ cancer treatments that 80% of them didn’t even have. One cancer specialist/nurse had discovered it when she’d just gotten a job at his office and started noticing grand oddities and began investigating charts-charts that were so wrong that she packed up and left at lunch time one day. She was freaked out (yet-didn’t report it).

It didn’t all come out until one patient (who was being treated for painful bone marrow post-op cancer treatments) fell and sprained her ankle and had to be put under another doctor’s care. That’s where she found out she didn’t even have cancer.


(This television special was just end of last year by the way).


Be confident (not intimidated by status and white coats)

Do your research and determine what’s actually (life or death) necessary, real (or even true or not true) for / about you and YOUR situation!