Woman’s Weave Holds Recorder Catching Doctor Dissing Her + Doctor Sued & Other Cases Of Under Anesthesia Physical Abuse & Why You Need To Be Careful- Even Under A Doctor’s “Care”

have to be careful with doctors just like anyone else. So much trust is put into them and it’s unfortunate that these people are just as sick with a scalpel and solution to put you to sleep in their hands (which is even worse)-who wants to be put out under the mercy of somebody who is capable of these kinds of things.

doctor-with-scalpelI was a teen mom who had my son when I was just five months and although I was kept for as long I could stand (without delivering), my son still came early.

Fast forward.

An emergency c-section later, rather than the barely visible (typical) bikini cut cesarean; the doctor cut me vertically: from the bottom of my navel down to my bikini cut area (right where he was supposed to cut me horizontally).

I overheard my mom b|tching about the doctor cutting me “her 15 year-old child” in that (abnormal) direction for a cesarean section to scar me for life like that? She was livid.

Who’s to say he wasn’t racist, or (because I wasn’t married) classist?

Who knows what his mentality was while I (a teen mom and her newborn child under distress) lay there sedated entrusted to his man’s care?

Red flags (for me) with doctors go up from everything from tooth to toe. I’m listening-intently. Doctor’s don’t intimidate me. If a doctor suggests to pull a tooth before suggesting a root canal (to save a tooth and repair it), a red flag would go up for me. It’s poor people in the hood 30 years old with no, or false teeth. I know better than that.

That being the case, [so] years later, a doctor for my son had NO idea who he was dealing with coming for me with this doctor-designed talk he badly mistook and he thought he was going to get off on me. When [this new eye doctor-who didn’t even know my son] suggested (and was ready to schedule) a possible future “preventative” surgery ‘in case’ he gets ‘excruciating’ headaches stemming from his retinopathy of prematurity condition (pain throughout all these years he has NEVER even experienced yet), I dealt him one-royally and informed him (and put it in writing for my son’s next of care-caregivers) that if anything should ever happen to me they’d better not EVER allow him or any other doctor near my child with all that.

Granted, some doctors are good.

But too, there are some doctors who will vacation on your trashed and ditched ovaries, fallopian tubes and testicles if you allow and never question them.

I saw a whole entire ABC or NBC news special where a doctor was

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