WILLOW SMITH Breaks The Internet with Breast-Baring Blouse


“Don’t let you mind conceive what your eyes can’t see.”

10787844_856787524385547_673420645_n…is an instant quote and caption I would’ve have placed upon posting this pic.

That’s certainly the warning sign needed after this picture of Willow Smith was posted [and the backlash began].

The problem was however…although the colorful, fitted, spandex shirt looked as if the was sheer portion of it was such-that it exposed the bare breasts and obliques of the 14 year old eclectic singer; what you saw really wasn’t what was:

Bare breasts: yes.
But those bare breasts were apart of the design of the [vintage Jean Paul Gaultier turtleneck] shirt.
The girl in the shirt is completely covered.






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