Anybody that knows me, KNOWS I am a Superman (the movie) fanatic. Superman I (and especially II).

Don’t try me. I can recite every line of every part of both movies.

Superman: “General. Do you care to step outside?”

Lois: “Superman!”

Lex: “Superman. Thank God. I mean: Gettt’him!”

Zod: “Come to me son of Jerrell! Kneeeeeeel before Zod!”



Zod: “This…”super” man is nothing of the kind. I’ve discovered his weakness. He cares…he actually…cares for these earth people.

[Zod’s girl] “”Yes…like…pets

Zod: “I suppose so.”


Zod: “You are the one they call ‘President’? I see you are practiced in worshipping things that fly…Good.” 

Zod: “Rise before Zod. Now…Kneel before Zod.”

Zod: “You are not the President. No one who leads so many could possibly kneel so quickly.”


President: “I am the man they are protecting. I am the President. I will kneel before you if it will save lives.”

Zod: It will…starting with your own

President: “Oh God.”

Zod: “Zod.”



Oh. You oughta hear me over here!

I can go! I gets my thespian ON during Superman! I love this movie.

Like..WHO can compare to writing like that?

Ok so.

*clears throat

Can Supergirl measure up?

Look…I’m all for the girls having some of the same power and prowess men posses [and with the right to use it].

It’s been tried and tested. Big breasts, blonde hair and a funny skirt aint gonna cut the mustard though.



Can’t say I know much about this new Supergirl movie (as yet) but I’ll tell you what:

I’m gonna place this trailer right here and watch it right along with yous in serious hopes I don’t kryptonite cringe.



If I don’t cringe, I will fetch the deets and post it here.

Until then, bon EYE-Petite:

*squints and watches through my fingers



Good news:

It’s a series…coming out in 2015-2016. Its home will be CBS.

I will be here for…her.

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