{AngFrankPodcast Show}: When A Man Doesn’t Commit But Acts (Possessive) Like He’s Your Man

In this episode of AngFrankPodcast Show, Ang gets frank about what to do with men who behave like the “possessive boyfriend” in a relationship but makes it painfully obvious, evidently clear and clearly communicates he does not want a commitment.

It’s not that men are devoid of truly feeling feelings of commitment without actually committing, it’s just that as a woman, often times women don’t realize that they slip into these kinds of one-sided relationships without paying attention to the fact that regardless the sincere (or insincere emotion of “possessiveness”); the fact of the matter is: there’s no commitment.

If the woman desires the actual commitment that she is not getting, she has to snap out of romancing the idea of a relationship through mere “possessiveness” and demands offered up from the man who still hasn’t committed to a relationship with her.

Aside from the fact that “possession” is a dangerous game (either way), being possessed by a feeling is equally as dangerous for the (unevolved) woman allowing herself to be in such a predicament.

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