The EPA Releases Official List of Corona Virus Killers

The CDC has been doing a whole bunch of talkin,’ now it’s time for the EPA to get some shine.

Good news among all the coronavirus gouging and grossness.

The EPA just released an OFFICIAL LONG LIST of cleaning products that can be used to kill off the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19!

Although this information is useful for and aimed at the healthcare industry, facilities, and businesses, the average person can too, stay on top of thwarting the virus—by disinfecting homes, cars and other communicable areas that, unfortunately, we just can’t avoid.


The EPA explained that fortunately (given the right chemical) this virus is actually easy to kill as, it is “enveloped.”

Among the list are the usual suspects that are probably in your utility closet right now:

Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner with bleach, tons of germicidals and disinfectant wipes including VersaSure Wipes, Lonza Disinfectant wipes and Oxivir 1 wipes.

Without further adieu, here is the list (and more news you can use)

Please note that the EPA advises following the instructions as listed on the label, up to and including the specifics regarding application duration, dilution, and other deets.

Hopefully, when and if this plague is behind us, perhaps we need to rethink some of our habits that are solely responsible for this mess:

  • eating species we have NO business eating (in this case: bat soup)
  • disrupting the natural flow of evolution
  • abusing the planet
  • evading natural habitats


Although major events like SXSW have canceled their annual shin dig, others have not: Comic Con and if you are on the board of Berkshire Hathaway (where Warren Buffet could give a bats ass about coronavirus when it comes down to his important shareholder’s meeting to talk green, his duckets and the brass taxes of his stock market losses and such); be happy that Ang got you together and you’ve been warned armed.

Head over to my IG page to check out some over preventive measures as well.

Stay safe (and a ways away from sloppy sneezing m/fs).



Sit back and enjoy a couple of Friday night movies on the house 🙂

“Outbreak” (from the previews above) starring Dustin Hoffman and Morgan Freeman


“Contagious” starring Lindsay Wagner



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