What It Means To Try: Meet The Little Girl Singing JOHN LEGEND’s “All Of Me” Against All Statistical Odds

What it means to “try”:

When I think of what it means to “try,” I have a picture in my mind. And that picture is like a sea of strong currents or winds blowing your way.

While doing, you’re still facing the wind head on-walking through it, or swimming with the currents in order to stay above water and live—to reach your destination (or continue your journey)…

In one of my favorite urban movie classics (Set It Off), there is a scene in it that stuck out to me (on “trying”):



…it’s sooooooooo powerful-one of the most action-filled, perfect analogies of what it means to “try.”

When it comes to “trying,” I don’t necessarily want the conversation about it. I don’t even want to hear about the attempt. Just show me the doing–like the quietness of the scene: all action, no words…that’s what trying is. Doing it–whatever ‘it’ may be (regardless the outcome)…

That being said, with removing your mind from the circumstances by which “Cleo” (played by Queen Latifah) landing in this position she was in; the poignant part about the scene is the fact that there is no conversation: all action and movement in an effort to try anyways, any way.

When you “try” although you may set out to reach a destination-a means to an end, you [should] “try”-knowing that that destination could very well turn out to be a journey. But that’s okay, the point is: TRY-that’s half the battle.

To try is to keep moving in the direction of opposition when all odds seem (or are) stacked against you.

When you “try” and keep moving, whether you feel you will make it through either by way of a higher power,

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