What a Fool Believes: MICHAEL MCDONALD Speaks Out Against KANYE In Defense of BECK




Talk about life imitating art.

Just like the like the lyrics:

What a fool believes he sees-no wise man has the power to reason away.

What seems to be, is always better than nothing-than nothing at all.”

…the man from that sings my favorite song perfectly explaining that X left with many Y’s that still can’t figure how or when has stepped to the forefront-bring his artistry to Kanye.Nikki-Sixx-Kanye-West-Michael-McDonald

Michael McDonald (of the Doobie Brothers) spoke out in defense of Beck regarding Kanye’s Grammy shenanigans and opinion that Beck should have given his award to Beyonce [and that because he didn’t] he doesn’t respect artistry, as [he-Kanye] felt Beyonce was more deserving of the Grammy award as received by Beck.

Well the What a Fool Believes singer had this to say to Kanye (about what he believes):

“I don’t think it even really bears too much thought. It’s pretty obvious what Kanye’s problem is. When Kanye gets to a point where he can actually put a couple of notes together either vocally or two bars of valid music playing an instrument, then he might have a right to criticize somebody else. Until then, I think he’s just talking to hear the sound of his own voice.”

He adds:

“The whole kinda cut-and-paste thing is a certain kind of artform all by itself.  I don’t know if I call it songwriting from a musician’s standpoint. … Beck is obviously a consummate musician. He plays instruments, many instruments. He can make his own record without having a fleet of computer operators onboard.”

Rocker Nikki Sixx had something to say as well: source

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