WADE ROBSON’s 2013 Lawsuit Against MICHAEL JACKSON Thrown Out – Danced With JANET in 2009


Michael Jackson is most definitely screaming from his rest in peace right about now as, a judge just dismissed a case pending where Wade Robson (choreographer and former Michael Jackson protégé) filed a lawsuit against Jackson’s Estate two years ago-claiming that he (too) was among the several children molested by Michael—back when he was 7, though.


On Tuesday of this week, the judge tossed out the case citing the statue of limitations had run out.


Previously, under oath-during the time these sorts of things were rising up against the pop star (while he was alive), Robson, along with actor MacCauley Caulken and a few other child stars denied that Michael had ever touched them.

Four years after the death of Michael Jackson (2013) Robson (then-30 years old) decided to file a claim that he indeed was molested by Jackson [at age 7].



Interestingly (in 2009), along with several other well-known choreographers, Robson had a hand in putting together the MTV VMA Michael Jackson tribute dance number for Janet and can be seen at a rehearsal being introduced by Janet’s friend and former dancer Gil Dulduao.

Check it out (aroind the 2:23 mark)



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