{AngFrankPodcast Show}: VANESSA WILLIAMS 32 Years Later: A Scandal Come Full Circle – Once Judged Now She’ll Be The Judge

Her name is Vanessa Williams (Soul Food, Ugly Betty, Desperate Housewives, Eraser, 11x Grammy, 3x Emmy and 1x Tony nominee, + singer of a few of my favorite songs: “Work To Do,” “Comfort Zone” and “Save The Best For Last”).





But before all that, and while many of us were babes, babies and mere twinkles in our parent’s eyes (long before the word “leaked”-a name for meticulously and purposely placing music/art or photos became popular and a good defense and buffer used for publicity), Williams had something leaked about her that was anything but something done to garner attention and publicity under the guise of being oblivious and shocked.

You see long before there was a “Kim Kardashian,” an Internet (and videos by which we could upload on to them), there once was this beautiful, sandy-haired, black woman with blue-grey eyes and pretty white teeth who hailed from New York City-having won the crown and title “The First Black Miss America” (1983).



That crown and title was stripped from her when whispers began circulating that Williams had taken nude photos for an erotic mag spread showing Williams in some compromising positions when she was just young, in her college years, and having fun.

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Life came at “Miss New York” fast when Penthouse Magazine published the photos which resulted in the remaining time of her reign being assumed by runner up “Miss New Jersey”-a black woman by the name of Suzette Charles [a.k.a “Miss America 1984 B” from July 23 through September 15, 1984 and gone down in the history books as the shortest Miss America reign ever].

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Fast forward.

As per the Miss America organizers having announced today, the You Have No Idea author and multi-talented actress-singer was judged and stripped of her throne will now be returning to the Miss American pageant’s 95th anniversary in Atlantic City this month-judging who shall be 2016’s winner.

While we seldom hear about what’s going on with many Miss America winners after they’ve won, Williams stands out as, it would seem like (since her scandal), she would have